Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Yay I have finally created a blog, for both Holden and I to post on. It is our own little marriage blog and I am very excited to write on it. I probably won't really use this blog very much anymore. So everyone switch over to our new blog, it is: Everyone come visit! Thanks!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fifty More! I Love Life!

1. Fall is here! I love being all cozy in sweats and wrapped up in blankets, cuddling with my lover.

2. Rock band. Could there be a more fun game? I submit that there can not!

3. Working tonight. Getting it out of the way so I don't have to go back until Saturday!

4. Regina Spektor, who I am listening to at the moment. Gorgeous.

5. All the time off I have had lately. Even if it has made me lazy. It has also made me very happy.

6. Holden being able to handle his classes and work every day.

7. Karrilyn's boyfriend coming to town for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. I can only imagine her excitement. And I am so happy for her!

8. Holden's parents who live so close and are always willing to let us come eat their food.

9. My parents who don't live so close but would still always love to have us come visit.

10. Beth, my sister in law, who gives me advice and tells me all I need to know about married life. I LOVE my in-laws. Recently I have realized how lucky I am to have them.

11. Christmas is coming! I have already done a little shopping. Can't even wait.

12. Being married is the best thing of my entire life.

13. The number 13. I still consider it my favorite number.

14. The fact that Holden and I can both work part time and still be financially stable.

15. Our condo, it's so cozy and cute.

16. Thanksgiving next month. And that I will get to spend it with my family.

17. The Office. Re-watching season 5, I had forgotten how funny it is. And season 6, on every Thursday. Jim and Pam's wedding this week!!! Ah! Can't wait!

18. Food. One of my greatest joys in life. And just thinking of upcoming holidays makes my hungry and excited.

19. Facebook, making lurking others easy, even acceptable, when in real life it would be so unbelievably creepy.

20. Holden coming home for lunch today. We get to hang out for 45 mins today. Can't wait.

21. The hope that I may be able to be a babysitter, if the lady ever gets back to me.

22. Holden going on vacation without me. It will allow me to miss him even more than I do on a day-to-day basis.

23. All of the expired organic health food that we have on our shelves that Holden brings home from work. Some of it is really good.

24. My extended family. They are so great. I can always count on them for anything.

25. The opportunity we had last Friday to go to Cedar to see my siblings run in a cross country meet there. So cute.

26. General Conference. Even though I missed all of Saturday because of work. And even though I was very tired all day Sunday. I still love conference.

27. I have mailed probably 25 of our Thank You cards. Sounds like nothing but it has been a lot of work, haha.

28. The Lost Symbol. I don't care that it got a lot of bad reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Clear up to the end, although he makes some statements I don't agree with about the bible, Dan Brown is very fascinating. Also, I now know what Holden is talking about when he says "Is there no help for the widow's son?"

29. My sister ran a marathon. My own sister. So even if I never accomplish that, I can at least say that my sister did it. Haha.

30. Holden is such a big sweetie pie. He keeps complaining minimal and he is so good at taking care of me.

31. Kristen, who is still one of my very best friends, and who always lets me have a good time. I desperately wish I could spend more time with her.

32. My cell phone. Even if I don't answer it a lot of the time. I love how it connects me to everyone.

33. The fact that our electricity bill will be way less this month because we don't need the A/C on anymore!

34. Holden dropping his math class. Even though it means less credits this semester, it will mean more time together and less stress for him.

35. Puppies. I want one!

36. Our 3 baby frogs, Garth, Sancho, and Wahib. Even though they like to fight over their food. They are little sweeties.

37. Jazz season starts the end of this month!! So exciting!

38. My dad and Holden put the doors on our cabinet. Even if they don't fit quite right. I'm sure it was a problem with myself putting the whole thing together wrong.

39. Happy hour at Dairy Queen. Half off drinks, slushies, and malts from 2-4. Mmmm.

40. Jones soda. Made with natural cane sugar.

41. My hair is so short and so easy. Love having short hair.

42. Disposable plates. Less dishes :)

43. The song Experimental Film by They Might Be Giants. I laugh every time.

44. The song Big Balls by AC/DC. I REALLY laugh every time.

45. Taking a break from giving plasma. Feeling much better all the time.

46. classifieds. I LOVE looking at all the puppy pictures.

47. Our newly-wed ward. So fun. I like it. And the babies are so cute.

48. Arrested Development. A pretty funny show.

49. My car. So excited for winter here with minimal snow. Determined not to crash my car this year because of ice.

50. Really just my husband. Even though a lot of these are about him. He is the sweetest person ever. I Love him.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fabulous Fifty

1. I am a WIFE. I love the title!

2. The rice chips that Holden bought for me yesterday, which I am snacking on.

3. I don't live alone anymore, it's much less scary.

4. Everyone who came to my wedding and made me feel special, especially Kristen, who missed out on her husband's big bike race just for me!

5. Holden happily ate my lasagna yesterday, which didn't turn out at all, due to the fact it was the first time I had ever attempted making such a thing.

6. Karrilyn has a BOY, in California! W00t!

7. Holden acts like a little kid when he gets angry, throwing papers and going to his room to pout. Lol.

8. I have a nephew on the way, he will be born in January, and his name is Hector <3

9. The temple dedication is this Sunday and I don't have work!!

10. I am taking the semester off of school, for the very first time in my life. If I didn't I would never ever get to see my husband.

11. I finally found a version of Anchorman for sale online that isn't the "uncut and unrated" one.

12. The rugs on the floor in our living room, they are so soft!

13. Because Holden has been going into work early, I am allowed to go eat lunch with him before I head off to work.

14. My job. Though it is hard and long hours, I love the girls there.

15. The Office, which I have been re-watching with Holden.

16. The desire I have to be a good wife, which makes me want to clean and do laundry.

17. The opportunity that I had to see my family 4 times in the last 2 weeks, thanks to the wedding, and their trip to San Diego.

18. My wisdom teeth extraction is all just a bad memory now, and the pain is gone.

19. The married ward we went to on Sunday, I really liked it, although Holden didn't.

20. Holden and I went to the movie theatre together, for the FIRST TIME ever, and we saw Harry Potter 6.

21. Holden's parents, I love them, and all they do for us.

22. Everyone who travelled to come to my wedding, especially family members from out of state, and our neighbors from New Mexico who came as a SURPRISE to everyone.

23. I am finally getting used to my wearing garments, and I'm happy that I am able to do so.

24. Holden had to wake up at 8 this morning and he let me sleep while he got ready for work. And he was in such a good mood.

25. My sister in law, Beth, because she is wonderful and sends me emails all the time.

26. Chris's wedding slideshow, set to the song Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd.

27. Holden's very small amount of possessions, because if he had any more, they wouldn't fit into our house, thanks to my huge collection of Stuff.

28. Holden going into work early every day this week, so that he can get more money to provide for us.

29. Holden looking for a new job so that he can be an even better provider for us.

30. Looking forward to the future.

31. Going to clean the temple grounds next week!

32. Going to the temple.

33. Sleeping in.

34. Our swimming pool, even though I rarely get to utilize it.

35. Steve going on a date with my sister. We'll see how it goes, haha.

36. Holden's stuff is now my stuff too.

37. Frozen yogurt for 1.00 at Dixie Nutrition. Mmmm.

38. Holden's natural talent of public speaking.

39. Brooke Williams, who is so wonderful. She did my hair for the wedding, and she drives me to work every day so I don't die of heat stroke in my convertable without A/C.

40. Genesis and how I am so confused by some things in there, but Holden usually explains them to me.

41. I am almost 21! And although I have to work 24 hours on my birthday, it's ok because even if I can't get it switched I'm sure I will have a good time, and we can celebrate another time.

42. Holden and I have a gift card for Applebees and we are just dying to have a date night, hopefully this week :)

43. Facebook for keeping me connected to everyone.

44. Holden's ambition to make a good life for the two of us.

45. My ring, which I still think is the most beautiful thing ever.

46. Having 2 families now, mine and his.

47. Watching Holden play Frogger and getting really excited about it.

48. Working on writing Thank You notes to people.

49. Having a new purpose in life.

50. Holden chose me, of all people, to be his wife and we are sealed together forever.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I am getting married in 5 days. FIVE DAYS!

And I have never been happier. Well besides the fact that my wisdom teeth were recently extracted and I still have some pain from that. Oh and also big yellow bruises on my cheeks. I really hope they are gone within 5 days. You know why.

The past few days have been wonderful. Well, besides the teeth thing. But even so, having that pain gave me the opportunity to receive a beautiful blessing from my wonderful fiancee. And have the chance to be spoon fed by him. And to feel the sadness of not being able to kiss him for a couple days because it hurt too badly. I hope I am never deprived of that again. I also had the experience of going to the temple to do some really cool things there, for the first time. I will admit that it surely could have been a better experience had I not had a splitting headache and the puffiest cheeks imaginable. But that is the beauty of it, that I can go back as often as I want to now. Well, seeing as I get my recommend back from Holden's brother who lives up north.... Hopefully soon since I had really wanted to go to the temple this week again.

I am so excited for life. After this weekend, things will be so different, and probably harder, but I am totally up for the challenge and so excited to spend forever with Holden. He is such a wonderful person. I appreciate him so much, even though I don't always express it, due to my own flaws and shortcomings. But he knows how great he is, as do I. Why he fell in love with me, I may never know, but I can rest happy knowing that it happened, and that I am so very blessed because of it.

This will probably be my last blog post, on this blog, but I'm sure that Holden will help me make a new shared blog, and it will be much more exciting and interesting. I'm sure of it. Well, bye for now! Emily

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another 50 list

Life is so good. Here are 50 of the things that I am grateful for at the moment!

1. The job that I have. Not only is it a fun and rewarding experience to be at work, but I don't have any financial worries because of it.

2. Summer. I feel so happy and carefree not having to worry about school.

3. My WONDERFUL boyfriend and all that he does for me. I love Holden.

4. My condo and the location of it.

5. The fact that I can always just walk a few feet from my doorstep and hop into the pool.

6. Holden went to my parent's house and had a little chat with my dad yesterday.

7. The Lakers were pwned in the game last night. Go Denver!

8. Gary and Jann Green invited me over for dinner on Sunday, which meant a lot to me even though I couldn't make it.

9. My car even if it is really dirty and you get hot riding around in it, it is such a great car and runs smoothly.

10. I had a bit of a rough weekend, but things have smoothed out, thanks to Holden.

11. Frazils, could there be a better icy beverage?

12. I scheduled a doctor's appointment today, which was scary.

13. Next Thursday I will be at my Aunt's house in San Diego! With the one I love!

14. Beth Green is such a sweet sister in law and she is going to be a mom, which will make me an aunt soon!

15. I am not scared of needles. Thus, I can make extra money giving my plasma away.

16. The roses that Holden and his dad always give me from their yard.

17. Brooke Williams just started working with me, and occasionally our schedules match up so we can car pool, which I love!

18. My littlest sister who broke both bones in her arm but talked to me the next day and said she was fine.

19. Holden's ability to play anything on the piano.

20. The price of gas is still (relatively) low. (Compared to last summer at 4.20$)

21. Watching Bride Wars with Holden, who hates chick flicks, and his mom who loves them.

22. I haven't messed up my life with drugs or alcohol. Working with teenage girls who have makes me realize how lucky I have been.

23. I can see the temple out my front window and it is so beautiful.

24. Holden's cemetery experience on Sunday.

25. My parents, I know they love me, and they respect my decisions.

26. Friends and family who come to visit me in St. George.

27. New friends that I have made in St. George.

28. My best friend is going to have a baby, so by the time I finally have kids, she will know everything about it and can help me through it.

29. Kelly Jewelers for having a ring that I love.

30. Facebook, for keeping me connected to everyone I have ever met, and letting me lurk everyone's lives.

31. Going to Brian Regan earlier this month. He never ever gets old.

32. My jacuzzi bath tub.

33. The upcoming family reunion! I love my extended family!

34. The gospel in my life. I know it is true, and have found someone to spend my life with who will live it with me.

35. I get to go to church this Sunday!

36. August 8th.

37. Tonight I get to relax with my sweetie.

38. Holden likes short hair. I am so happy I don't have to have long hair for the rest of my life!

39. I'm going to groom dogs on Thursday, it makes me not miss my doggies so much.

40. Both of my dogs are doing really well in their new homes.

41. My knowledge of life after death, and that families can be together forever.

42. I finally know how to play chess.

43. Holden's birthday is next Saturday.

44. Radioactive dishwasher movies. The first time I saw Holden.

45. The washer and dryer at my new house are huge, and I can wash way more clothes than I could at my old place.

46. The five days in a row that I had off of work last week.

47. I am not in financial debt.

48. Living so close to the mall and other places to shop.

49. The Green family home videos, and seeing Holden as a baby.

50. Future events which I am super excited for!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


All in all, things are going great. I live in St. George now and I love it. I feel really detached from my old life, as though it doesn't exist anymore. It makes me a little bit sad but only if I think about it, which I try not to. Work and hanging out with Holden have been keeping me pretty busy. I also have really enjoyed having time to organize my house and clean up. I decided I love cleaning the house. I attribute that to my job, where we clean things constantly and so, if anything, that job is valuable because it has taught me how to like cleaning.

I don't know what to do with myself. How Holden puts up with me I will never understand. I always have to have things my way, and I am ridiculously indecisive and picky. For example yesterday I was starving, and I wanted pizza, but he wanted me to eat food at his parents house. And they had this chicken salad that had celery (gag) in it. I took one bite and spit it out and refused to eat it. Embarrassing him in front of his mom. Then he said we should get pizza. So we went out to my car to leave but then I couldn't decide if I still wanted pizza. And I was starting to not be hungry anymore. Then his mom came out and told us to eat a sandwich, and he said ok! And I didn't want one, and I was really tired. So I started to fall asleep at the kitchen table til he dragged me over to the couch. We sat there and after like 5 minutes he said we should go get pizza. Which I didn't even want anymore. We ended up just going over to Steve's house without eating. The point of this story? Wow, Emily is a jerk, how could anyone ever put up with that crap?

Some people think I am over-protective of Holden. I will neither affirm or deny this because I don't know if I am or not. Probably I am though because it sounds like something I would do. I already have a hundred other insecurities, let's add this one to the list. I do know that there isn't a good reason for me to be protective of him because he would never cheat on me.

You all know how wonderful Holden is at this point. He is such a sweetheart, and he stands by me through everything. I love him so much. What a good person. All I can hope is that he continues to be so non-judgemental of me. This blog seems really negative but it's not meant to be. I just feel sick today and feel really bad for the way I treated Holden last night.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Things are working out so well for me! All I have left to do the next week and a half is pack up, pass classes, work and move everything.

I've noticed that a lot of people have lists of 50 things they are grateful for. That being said, here are 50 things that I am grateful for!

1. I have the dogs taken care of, both going to really good homes with people I know.

2. School is almost over, I only have 2 papers to write and two final tests and I'll be done.

3. Work is great. I'm so lucky to have my job.

4. Holden is wonderful.

5. I got a new phone that's not broken. For free.

6. Holden's dad fixed the rear view mirror in my car.

7. Kristen is going to come over on Saturday and help me pack my stuff.

8. My parents are going to come to Cedar next weekend and help move my stuff to St. George.

9. I have a pool and a hot tub at my new place :)

10. I paid my ticket from my registration and it's all taken care of now.

11. I took care of putting the electric bill at my condo in my name today.

12. Holden put little price stickers all over me today. I'm worth 29 cents. Haha.

13. I'm drinking orange juice. Mmm.

14. It's spring! And the weather is finally warming up!

15. The gospel is a huge part of my life, and I know my Heavenly parents love me.

16. Even though I work every other Sunday, I get to go to church at work sometimes.

17. My family is great.

18. Holden is taking me shopping on Thursday, heh.

19. The play offs are going on. Yay! And they are playing on nights that I don't have work! Go Jazz!

20. I got enough tickets to the graduation for my parents, my sister and Holden to all come.

21. I am pretty financially stable at the moment. Let's hope it lasts!

22. I won't have to drive nearly as far to and from work after I move.

23. My boss at Tyners Grooming will let me groom whenever I want to still but doesn't demand anything.

24. The girls at work make me laugh so much.

25. I have everything I need in the world and much more.

26. Holden and I are going on vacation the first weekend of June.

27. I am going to see Brian Regan on May 9th. For the 3rd time.

28. My car has been running so good since my dad fixed it.

29. My car gets 33-38 mpg, even on the freeway.

30. Gas prices haven't skyrocketed quite yet.

31. I have the most wonderful family. And so does Holden (even though I have yet to meet a couple of them.)

32. I made it through the 1st half of the second LotR movie without falling asleep.

33. Holden gave such a good talk on Sunday with so little preparation.

34. I love my viper seatbelt belt.

35. Holden and I have been able to set boundaries and keep them.

36. I am not scared of needles anymore.

37. I've been a pretty good kid all my life. I don't have any big regrets.

38. I am in love.

39. President Monson is speaking at the SUU graduation.

40. Tonight is my last night of food production class.

41. I will be living so much closer to the temple.

42. To be getting out of Cedar, even though I will really miss my good friends here.

43. Holden probably doesn't have cancer. Lol.

44. Holden's friends approve of me.

45. Eating junk food all day long doesn't make me sick.

46. I am still wearing a make out bracelet put on almost 4 years ago.

47. I have so much music on my iPod. Even if Holden hates it.

48. We watched "The Wrong Guy" on Saturday and it was so funny.

49. I got to see Holden for 15 minutes before he had work this morning.

50. As soon as I move down to St. George, Holden and I will have so much time to play, and it will be so happy.

The End of that.